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By Dr. Paula Joyce

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Top 10 Ways to Uplift Your Attitude and Enhance Your Life - Essence Experience

Practice drawing your attention into a conscious awareness of yourself and the divine nature of this world. Sit quietly and allow your breath and mind to become calm. Bring spiritual thoughts into your mind by remembering or reading them and then allow those thoughts to dissolve into a peaceful awareness of the presence of spirit.

Even a few minutes of this practice can infuse spiritual awareness into your day. Many wonderful ideas and heartfelt spiritual expressions are available to read today. Sure, some spiritual writings come mixed with certain less helpful words and ideas; however, you can train yourself to be a good editor of what goes into your mind. Reading uplifting words before going to sleep can help give you good dreams and can also color and brighten your day ahead. During the day, you can also take positive thought pauses and fill your mind with uplifting spiritual words and ideas.

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You can even post favorite quotes around your work or home space to remind you to spiritualize every aspect of your life. Offering a moment of gratitude when you first wake up gives an empowered framework on which to hang all the events of your day. This initial offering of blessings for the day can be as elaborate as long meditations, prayers, and rituals or as simple as bowing your head and thanking God for another beautiful day. What matters more than the outer form of any spiritual practice is the depth and clarity of your feeling.

You can play uplifting music while you work, relax, drive, clean your house, cook, bathe, pay bills, or go to sleep. Harmonious sound vibrations are absolutely magical. Because this entire universe is made up of vibrations.

Top 10 Ways to Uplift Your Attitude and Enhance Your Life

Learn to laugh at yourself and at life in general. Have gratitude.

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  5. You have lots of things in your life to be happy and optimistic about. Remind yourself of your blessings each day. Do the same on the way home. Stay focused on solutions when challenges arise. Rather than dwelling on the problem, turn your attention to the possible solutions. You feel empowered when your attention is on solving the challenges in your life. Smiling is good for you and everyone else around you.

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    It makes everyone feel better. It feels good. Take responsibility for your life and challenges.

    When you feel like negative things are just randomly happening to you, it can be depressing. But, if you can see that you likely contributed to your issues, and that you also have the power to resolve it, you realize that you have control over your situation.

    Determine your purpose in life.