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I also know there are readers who will hail that very aspect as totally awesome when it's a female character acting out, because yay for books in which women get to be jerks too, but I don't like reading about jerk protagonists whatever their gender. I had trouble with the cross-dressing, as the detailed descriptions of highly gendered behavior made it clear that whatever Tess looked like, I couldn't believe anyone would take her as male for two seconds: whatever her hair and clothes looked like, she would move like someone raised from early childhood to Be Female.

Finally, though I could understand the sudden jump from young Tess to older-teen Tess, hinting at Terrible Things in-between--in other words, highly repressed--I felt that there were too many flashbacks through the middle that stuttered the pacing to a halt. Which is why I think of the book as an eminently readable, insightful, glorious mess. Copy provided by NetGalley My Rating: 2. The fina My Rating: 2. The final straw came that sent Tess on a journey to find herself, her place in life and a purpose to go on.

Tess is NOT the misunderstood victim, nor is she the perfect heroine. She is flawed and has some serious self-image issues that show in the way she acts out at times. Perhaps it was my own misinterpretation of feeling I was being told, not been shown what is going on. This is my voluntary review.

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View 1 comment. Mar 01, Juli rated it really liked it Shelves: read-review-copies Tessie was born a troublemaker. She is curious and outspoken, which often gets her in trouble. I had to chuckle when reading the intro to this story. Her sister calls her a "spank magnet. Tessie has a great talent for getting into trouble. After a bad scene at her twin sister's wedding where she punched a priest he really did deserve it , she decides to set out on her own to avoid being sent to a convent.

She disguises herself as a boy and leaves her home. Tess of Tessie was born a troublemaker. Tess of the Road is set in the same world as two of Hartman's previous novels, Seraphina and Shadow Scale. I think I would have understood and enjoyed this story more if I had first read the other books.

But despite the fact that I didn't understand a few things from the previous stories, I still enjoyed this book. It's dark in places Tess is feisty, intelligent and does things her way. Tess of the Road is both an adventure tale and a coming-of-age story. Tess has to find herself and a purpose for her life. It was so interesting to read about her learning to experience the world and finding her place in it. Tess grows as a person throughout the story.

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She's a very strong main character Great book! I loved the humor, adventure and vivid details in this story! I'm going to backtrack and read the Seraphina novels, and then re-read this one. An enjoyable story, but I think I will enjoy it more after reading the previous books. The cover art for this book is awesome!! All opinions expressed are entirely my own. Dec 25, Chelsies Crazy4Books marked it as to-read Shelves: canadian-authors. Forgot to update this but I received my goodreads giveaway copy at the beginning of March I believe. Very happy to finally have it in my hands. Now I have the perfect excuse to listen to the audiobook of Seraphina from my library.

Won a copy in a goodreads giveaway but havent received it yet and that was December 22nd. Feb 24, Brooke — brooklynnnnereads rated it it was ok Shelves: unhauled-used-to-own. I'm trying to gather and organize my thoughts on this one but let me tell you, I'm having a hard time.

This book is a hard one to review in the fact that it was in total opposition of what I expected. Before I get into the review, I do want to recommend that before reading this book, read the prior two novels set in this world entitled, "Seraphina" and "Shadowscale". I have not read those novels and I think if I had it would have made everything more clear.

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This fantasy world is a dif I'm trying to gather and organize my thoughts on this one but let me tell you, I'm having a hard time. This fantasy world is a difficult one to understand with all of the various mythical creatures, languages, and settings which the reader is sort of thrust upon as if they have knowledge or have been introduced to before.

Also, although I have not read the original duology, I can guarantee that there are cameos from those characters within this novel along with mentions of those particular stories. Now, onward to my review. When I picked this novel up, judging by the summary and the fairly innocent yet beautiful cover, I thought I would be reading a fantastical novel surrounding a young woman's quest. Although, there is a physical quest in this book, the story is more about the character's own personal development and discovery while on this quest.

The content is dark, it's raw, and for me I didn't see it coming. For that, I have to give some content warnings for abuse, assault, rape, death and I feel that there is probably more but I do want to avoid spoilers. Do not think that this is a light novel about a simple character's quest because it's not. It is an important novel because although it's fantasy a lot of the darker content unfortunately can play a part in reality. The writing in this novel was amazing and an obvious example of the author's talent; however, I did not find myself enthralled and captured by the story.

At times I was confused with the world, the unfamiliar languages, and the timeline as the story would alternate between now and in the past with no predictable pattern. Also, as much as I did have sympathy for the main character and her struggles, I did not find her or any of the other characters likeable.

Personally, I do like to have at least one character that is likeable in a novel that I'm reading. I find that I say this a lot in reviews but with this novel it's especially true: you're either going to love or hate this book. It's important content fictionalized so I believe some will benefit and love the story for it's rawness and depiction of realistic events. However, there may be others whom like me expected more of an innocent fantasy quest novel.

For those people, they may be drastically surprised with the actual story. You guys. I'll have a full review up soon, but until then, I recommend I recommend I recommend I recommend.

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Jan 23, Melissa Jacobson rated it it was amazing Shelves: drool-worthy-cover , action , fantasy , mystery , fiction , romance , my-favorites , five-stars , made-me-cry , retellings. This surpassed all expectations I had for this story. Tess is such a wonderfully flawed character and her healing journey broke my heart over and over again. I cam genuinely say she is one of my absolute favorite main characters in a book now. This book tackles so many important and hard topics that I am deeply passionate about.

Religion, slut-shaming, the glorification of virginity, and the dissection of rape culture. Not even to mention the poignant commentary on parent Guysssssss. Not even to mention the poignant commentary on parenting.

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Please do yourself a favor and read the Seraphina duology then dive into this book. You won't regret it! Feb 16, Vicky Who Reads rated it really liked it. I want it so badly idek why but like I loved Tess. She's now suffering consequences for some of her trouble-making ways, and instead of heading towards the nunnery her parents are looking into, Tess puts on her boots and journeys across the SoutTess. She's now suffering consequences for some of her trouble-making ways, and instead of heading towards the nunnery her parents are looking into, Tess puts on her boots and journeys across the Southlands, pretending to be a boy.

Tess doesn't know where she's going, but with the help of an old quigutl a dragon subspecies friend, she now has purpose and protection on the road. Yet her tumultuous past is a heavy burden and she's threatened with the idea of being exposed to the world.

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After reading a few of the reviews, I ended up being unsure of if I was going to enjoy this or not, but I jumped in anyways. And I'm so glad I did. Although this is the spinoff to Seraphina, you don't have to read Seraphina to read it. I haven't but now I want to. The books are very different and if you're expecting something similar to Seraphina, throw that notion out the window and off the penthouse floor now.

Because this is Tess , not Seraphina, and she's going through vastly different struggles. Vastly different struggles which I loved, that is. If you're looking for political intrigue and action and fantasy adventure, you won't really be getting that. But if you're looking for a character who's growing up, a journey to find oneself, an adventure where you don't know where you might end up, then Tess of the Road should be right up your ally.

And even if you're not looking for those things, I think you should still check this out. Because it's a coming-of-age story wrapped in a fantasy world, and what's better than a coming-of-age? It's relatable on all levels to people of all ages. And Tess is our troubled little main character who's taken to the Road to find herself--because where she was before definitely wasn't the right place for her. I do think, before we go to all the gushing which will definitely be coming , I should address the one thing that dropped this book down a notch: The length.

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It was much longer than I think was necessary. The beginning especially was much longer than it could have been and I feel like it would help if it was condensed. The first paragraph of the summary?