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Tales of Ancient Egypt. True Grit. Take a ball of yarn and toss it so it unravels. Begin to wind it up, and an apparition of your future lover will appear to gather the end.


Or drop it out of an open window and ask the night who is holding the other end. The wind will whisper their name to you. At midnight on Halloween, light two candles and gaze into a mirror. Brush your hair. An image of your future lover will appear behind you in the reflection.

See a Problem?

Peel an apple so the skin comes off in one piece, then using your right hand throw it over your left shoulder. The shape it lands in is the initial of your true love. If you have more than one suitor, designate some nuts for each of them and place them in a fire. The suitor represented by the first nut to pop is the truest. If they burn calmly together, you will both stay true. If one is engulfed by flames, the owner of that nut has the strongest feelings.

If one cracks or explodes, the owner of that nut will be unfaithful. Finally, my personal favourite, if you want to find a partner, walk blindfolded to a cabbage or kale field and pull one out of the ground. The size, shape, how much earth is on it, and how easy it is to pull up will reveal clues about your future lover. Remove the blindfold and walk home, and you may catch a glimpse of them on the way.

If not, balance the cabbage on top of a door and whoever it falls on you are sure to marry! Whatever method you choose, have a happy Halloween and may all your visions be bright! In the city of Sakaiminato, they have taken over the streets with their somewhat disturbing charm.

Dark Willow - A nuker and crowd control master | Esports Tales

Mizuki Shigeru spent his childhood in Sakaiminato. You can purchase a guidebook at the station in Japanese only , which lists each one with some information about it. There are also spaces for collectable stamps, found outside of shops and restaurants along the road. Already being an avid collection of Japanese train station stamps, I was so on that! More so than the elementary school children I frequently found myself queuing with….

My take on the Hildebrandt Brother’s Old Man Willow

Just click on the images to make them bigger. All images my own. But in reality, these terms are often used interchangeably and there is much overlap of attributes between all three. Each has their own identity, composed of their own power, purpose, and motivation. After living in Japan for a year, I thought I was impervious to the stranger sides of Japanese culture. Tweet it to me amyelize.

Watch out for the boroboroton! North of Caithness, on the islands of Orkney, the ocean is a magical place. The seals are its people. Those angels, who fell from heaven and landed amongst the waves. Sometimes they come ashore to moult or have pups. Sometimes, on the night of the solstice or during a full moon, you will catch a glimpse of them dancing upon the sand.

Their sealskins will be laid upon the rocks, and their bare, human skin will shimmer in the half light. Find somewhere to hide.

The Willow Realm

Hush, now. Watch them dance. Hands clasped, damp, salt-matted hair flowing. Maybe you will fall in love, and be tempted to snatch one of their skins…. Aye, peedie selkie. Come with me, to my house, on the land…. You reach out and grasp the closest one, clutching it to your chest. All except one. She searches, spinning around and around, looking under the rocks and amongst the seaweed.

And of course she will come; what other choice does she have? In time, she will learn to be content. She will cook and clean and sew, and be a good mother. Although be warned, your bairns may have webbed fingers and toes. They will lead to the shore, where she will stand and gaze upon the place of her human life. She will smile; a smile which is a thank you and a goodbye and an I love you all at once.

Then, she will slip into her sealskin. Hands and feet turn into flippers. A splash, and she is gone. The selkie folk are the people of the sea, and they always return to the water. Later, there will be two of them, reunited, frolicking in the sunset-stained waves. In the city of Ise, on the south east coast of Japan in Mie Prefecture, you will find many shops selling little charms in the shape of dogs. You will also see people walking their dogs along the path to Ise Grand Shrine, and well-kept water bowls outside most establishments.

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Whilst visiting Ise, I found a small booklet of this story and managed to translate it into English Japanese reading skills level up! Generic writer disclaimer — I have added some of my own details to flesh things out, since the translations are very basic and more like a list than a story.

So this is my own version of it. As far as I can see, this story is not well-known outside of Japan.