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Fallen behind here, forgot when the UK said hello to redistributionist policies. Also forgot when the EU was the designated standard bearer for antiracism. It always seemed to me to have something to do with reuniting Christendom, which is why no Turkey, never, never, never. Doctor Memory And this process would have needed to have begun years ago. But the actual reality appears to be that you are mere months away from reverting to WTO rules, are incapable of dislodging the May government in that timeline or indeed at any plausible time in the future , and have already fired the one bullet in your chamber A50 that anyone in the EU cared about.

As Mr. Davies has repeatedly pointed out here, your negotiating position is very, very weak and it is not getting stronger as the clock counts down. Anarcissie This would be after the exit, right? Because it has been my impression from reading this and other material that the referendum is over and the negotiations are essentially over and the UK will go out one way or the other, neither being beneficial and either possibly catastrophic.

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Fulminating about the inevitable racists and other tribalists is beside the point; the die is cast, if not de jure then certainly de facto. The UK could also with agreement postpone A50 to allow a second referendum. The politics of this are difficult, but constitutionally and legally it is possible for the UK not to leave the EU. Chesterton, goodnight. Reversing the referendum result now will run the risk of creating a whole new division, potentially making a few million people wonder if they should bother to vote Labour any more — or vote at all.

My objection to this post can be summed up by referring back to something I wrote in response to Polly Toynbee far from the worst offender in June :. Discovering that Remainers are happy for old men in Bolton to die from curable diseases, same thing. CP Norris This hinges on whether you define European nationalism as a form of racism. If it is, then the EU would seem to be substantially anti-racist.

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Phil, the problem for you is that Leavers and Remainers are not symmetrically situated. Leavers are older and less economically active, Remainers are younger, more economically active and some even have credible exit options ie emigration. Moreover young Remainers are justifiably angry that older Leavers just voted to strip them of a whole bunch of valuable rights. Your moralizing appeal to Young Active Remainer may be worthy, but ineffective.

This is how Germans say "GOOD BYE" in Germany.

PEACE and that racist idiots are in the minority and narrow-minded nationalists - in their majority are a thing of the past? As I thought would happen, much fact free speculation based on what the various commentators believe to be the case. Labour Remainers tend to be graduates, Labour leavers tend to have few or no qualifications.

Each stance would anger some people and presumably lose some votes, but which would upset the fewest? The most divisive policy would be for Labour to wholly oppose Brexit. For once, however, it appears to be the Labour leader who has picked the position that is most likely to keep the party together and alienate the fewest voters.

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This really is the crux of the biscuit, and the reason why Corbyn has chosen this particular position. A lot of people on Twitter are fond of waving their hands around and screaming about the Brexopalypse.

Needless to say, they are not. Other pro-remain parties e. But that time is not quite yet.

The EU is falling apart. Now, one could read that two ways: perhaps it will fall apart more slowly if the UK is kept out: for sure, in retrospect, De Gaulle was right to be suspicious of the Brits: they have done everything in their power to keep the EU weak and disunited. But maybe the EU is not that cynical. Maybe they think there is strength in numbers and would rather have the Brits inside the tent pissing out, than outside pissing in. Hard to say. Just there in pretension.

One mistake that liberals make a lot is to pre-concede sole legitimacy to the right. The first is a decent bet, but IMHO the latter is much less so, and is also dependent on a successful propaganda campaign basted on hitting back first. Quite Likely Actually we tried giving them what they want and appealing to their better nature for two decades. The thought is that people need to be committed to the idea of an inclusive national community if they are going to be motivated to make sacrifices on behalf of others in the form of economic transfers [… ] The post simply argues that the politics of in country redistribution depend on a minimal level of common identification with that collective.

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Read some effing Shelley. Charlie W People might scapegoat and develop other unhealthy cognitive patterns, sure. But a behaviour will follow, and this is what counts, for politics. Or to flip this around: if Labour wants to govern, it has to first build a coalition. Either a coalition of voters that deliver a majority, or if the votes fall short of that, then a literal coalition of parties.

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Comparatively so, anyway. And the basic idea of European cooperation — a form of solidarity — is attractive in itself. The EU might eventually decline: conceivably, we might eventually get to a position where inclusion of an EU membership ambition in a party manifesto carries little appeal. But then, or again so it seems to me, that is a question which much of the discussion of Brexit has trivialized. Surely there are some among those who wish to Remain who can countenance that the EU as presently constituted and as it presently acts is in need of some significant reform.

Varoufakis has, in fact, been one such.

Kawhi Leonard Wrote a Goodbye Letter to San Antonio and It's As Bad As You Can Imagine

It is, I imagine, a forlorn hope. But I would have liked to see some discussion—amidst all the passionate, mostly pointless discussion of the last couple of years—some critical discussion of the political criticisms of the EU as raised by, e. And for those in the US who want to go on trying to view Brexit through the lens of trump e.

Attitudes to the EU in the UK have varied widely and wildly over time. There have been many long periods in the UK when attitudes to the EU were far more hostile than they are now.

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However, the key thing, as the article concludes, is volatility: attitudes to the EU in the UK can swing, very very sharply, very very quickly. Do not be fooled, in the slightest, by current opinion polls stating that most people would like to remain. The remain lead is very small, and attitudes can change quickly and have done, in the past.

This is not just a British issue. There is nothing the Labour Party could or would do that would not result in its being excoriated in all forms of print media literally, all all forms of televisual media again, literally all and most forms of internet media. This is the environment in which the Labour Party must function.

It simply does not matter what the Tories do, they will be supported and when they are attacked as Cameron was they will be attacked from the perspective of the radical right. This is the reality, and to deny it, or to pretend that there is something that Corbyn could do that would not involve him being blamed by the UK media for all evils committed by everyone, everywhere, is to live in a fantasy land. A House of Commons vote under section 13 is scheduled for the week beginning on 14 January.

All sequences of events seem unlikely to me, and yet one of them, no matter how unlikely, will actually take place. So it could be that the next election will take place in , three years after the UK has left the European Union.