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We meet in a parking lot, switch trailers and drive back home.

  • By DreadPennies.
  • When Long-Haul Trucking Leads to Mental-Health Problems - The Atlantic!
  • Überschlagsrechnen in der Grundschule: Lösungsverhalten von Kindern bei direkten und indirekten Überschlagsfragen (Dortmunder Beiträge zur Entwicklung ... des Mathematikunterrichts) (German Edition).

I had been on this run for a few months and found that I always got to the meet point about an hour before the other driver. It was a dark and empty dirt lot at about 3 am, so I would stretch out across the seat and take a short nap. One night, about 10 minutes into my nap I was awoken by a barking dog.

I tried to ignore it, but it carried on for several minutes and got louder as the dog got closer. Soon, it became apparent that the dog was right outside of my truck barking at me. OK, either this dog is Lassie and is trying to alert me to something, or else he is just a pain in the ass and I will need to throw something at him to scare him off. It is important to note that the barking had been going on for a good 10 minutes at this point.

So, I sat up and looked out my window. Standing there, mere inches on the other side of the glass was a man of about He was a large fellow. And was barking at me. The sheer creepiness of this struck me. Gently, and making an absolute minimum of sudden movements, I reach down and started my truck and slowly pulled away.

He chased me, much like you might expect an angry dog to do, barking all the while. Was driving north through the mountains of Colorado towards Pueblo, and it was my first time dealing with anything like the Rocky Mountains so I was taking it nice and slow with my hazards on and in the right lane.

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  7. I remember passing another truck pulled to the shoulder on my way up, nothing out of the ordinary. However, as I was heading down the mountain which can be scary as shit in an wheeler, trust me I saw the same truck I passed earlier FLY by me in the left hand lane. Your brakes are on fire!

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    I mean literally on fire! A few years back I was driving up an icy hill in the middle of winter after a snowstorm when another semi coming down the hill started to jackknife. His trailer swung out sideways blocking the entire road at around 80 kph 50 mph , and heading straight towards me giving me nowhere to go, except to stop and try to back up as quickly as possible to give him a little more space to hopefully get his trailer to tuck back in behind him. Thankfully it did about 15 meters 50 feet in front of me. I was a transportation broker for a number of years.

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    Every single day, we had to give hourly updates to an internal agency about the status of our drivers. Each load required a team in order to minimize stopping time. These trucks had specific instructions to not stop for more than a half hour throughout the itinerary nor to open the contents of the trailer. Their location was constantly monitored by a GPS coupled with a timer to ensure these conditions were met.

    We have had many of these contracted loads without any notable issues. However, one day proved different. The officer demanded the drivers to open the trailer to reveal the unidentified contents. Our drivers cited our contract with our client, stating that we could not open the trailer under any circumstances. However, the DOT was persistent, and broke the electronic seal himself. Our systems at dispatch were frozen immediately. Turns out, the transportation of contents such as this are quite common.

    Since they are concealed in a dry van, however, the public is completely unsuspecting. I was only a long haul driver for 3 months but one of the strangest things I noticed were the number of other truckers who had life-sized stuffed animals riding shotgun. I saw one with a life sized gorilla, a huge dogish…thing and a few aliens. All in their seat belt, of course, for safety. Also, the gallon sized piss bottles left in truck stop parking lots is amazing. Out in remote Montana, my dad had a can of ether crack open behind his seat and spray onto the battery box, causing the interior of the truck to catch on fire while he was driving down the road.

    He downshifted so it would eventually slow down and aimed the truck off the road at an open field, then jumped out. I shit you not, the police counted his shoe marks on the highway — several yards apart at first. He somehow managed to keep upright, doing the Olympic triple jump down the blacktop. He did eventually fall and get scraped up badly. Then he got up, chased after his truck, which was driving a long slow circle out in that field, opened a side hatch while running beside it, got his fire extinguisher, and put out the fire.

    I used to work as a driver for a soft drink company in Alaska. We have a real problem with moose crossing the roads up here. Needless to say one morning I was on my way from Anchorage to the Valley and a moose decided to run out in between the car in front of me and my truck.

    Terrifying True Truck Driver encounters - Truckers share their scary stories on the road!

    Luckily I barely hit the moose in the ass and it runs away. So I drive for another half and hours or so and a few people have honked at me assuming general douchebaggery. I back up my trailer to wally world and let the warehouse guy unload.

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    I come out to about 20 people standing around my truck consumers and workers. Look at the moose guard on the front and there is a moose fetus tangled inside of it. Apparently when I hit the mother and forced to have an abortion. It was truly terrifying. Well, My dad sometimes drives a WPS shipping truck out of state and he has a couple stories but there is one that I really like.

    How to Stay Awake While Driving: 10 Tips from Long Haul Truckers

    My dad was coming back one night when he hears a loud thud that sounded like it came from the front of the truck. He pulled over and finds that he had hit a huge owl and that it is was lodged in his grill, It also turns out the owl is still alive. This happened at around 12 in the morning so my dad has a great idea and decides to buckle up the owl in the passenger seat, for the first hour the owl was unconscious, but at around 1 my dad hears the seat belt move, he turns to see one pissed owl staring at him.

    The first thing my dad now notices are the talons on this owl, they could have easily tore my dad up. Even so the owl seemed content to stay put, probably because he was pretty beat up. So my dad just turns his head back to the road and they both have one awkward trip back. He pulled over at the next gas station and calls the police, he was pretty much at the border so it took a awhile for both state departments to decide who had to pick up the owl.

    18 Wheels of Horror: A Trailer Full of Trucking Terrors

    I was making a delivery and was crossing the train tracks in an unfamiliar town. Along the tracks were those cone-shaped pine trees used as wind breakers or privacy walls. Slowly I crossed the tracks. Needless to say, I began crossing the tracks. Immediately past the trees I looked left and saw a train, with its light on, coming at me from about 40 yards away! I could feel the engine thumping.

    go here I gunned it! In an automatic this means you go nowhere fast. I looked back over my shoulder and saw that it was a stupid rail yard and they were doing a turnaround and had parked that train there out of the way. One time, he was supposed to ship containers of whipped cream from one state to another, passing through the Rocky Mountains. He looked at the route that was provided and realized he could save time by taking another road through the mountains.

    Once he gets to the other side of the mountain he stops for a meal or something and checks in the back. Turns out the pass he took was high enough in altitude that the pressure caused the lids to pop off all of the containers, and the inside of his trailer was covered in whipped cream. My dad was a trucker. One time he was driving around Chicago at in the morning trying to find the warehouse he was dropping at before GPS. Rolled his window down to ask a little old lady at a bus stop.

    He never told us a lot of stories, except the one about how he knew it was time to get off the road when the pills he was taking to stay awake made him see giant rabbits on the road, but his favorite was when he was about 19, he went across a bridge in the middle of the night, then was surprised to be pulled over.

    Turns out the lights on the bridge were all wired together over the roadway—and his trailer had been high enough to catch the wires, and very efficiently pulled down every single light pole. Anyway, one time I got out at a rest stop to stretch my legs and take a piss, maybe buy a coke. I go into the bathroom and there are three beefy, bearded guys all naked from the waist down just lying on the ground blowing each other in a daisy chain. A second time I was driving at night and the car starts making this odd grinding noise.

    Like I ran over something that got stuck. I pull into a rest stop well-lit and wake up my buddy who was sleeping.