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Meridian Zero (Bilborock 2008) Dark Day

There are about a thousand indie crime dramas that completely bungle their timeline hopping for each one like Meridian that gets it right, but when they work, they work. James Moses Black is another glaringly obvious reason why Meridian works as well as it does. As Soreno, he is all kinds of intense, yet acutely, clay-footedly human.

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The deceptively everyday looking Billy Slaughter also helps keep the audience off-balance as Patrick Fox, whoever he might be. Cinematographer Jerry M.


Jacob gives it all an appropriately noir look. The only frustrating thing about Meridian is there is no jazz to be heard, despite its New Orleans setting. A little soundtrack work would have been a nice gig for them, especially if the film takes off. Oh well, a lost opportunity. Labels: Kew Gardens '17 , New Orleans. He has written jazz articles for publications which would be appalled by his political affiliation.

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He also coordinated instrument donations for displaced musicians on a volunteer basis for the Jazz Foundation of America during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The Dark Meridian is basically the border between the different Realms, with the ocean of all worlds seperating them.

This is also part of the Realm of Nothingness. They travelled a long way thoughout this realm and saw a light, the gateway to the edge of the realm. They were most likely drawn there through Kairi's calls, trying to get them to return to the Realm of Light.

You can choose to believe this or not, but it makes logical sense. That's how the letter Kairi sent out into her ocean managed to appear in front of Sora and Riku in the edge of the Realm of Nothingness. The Dark Meridian. Make sense?


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This place is again used in Birth By Sleep, as the resting place for Aqua and Ansem the Wise, sorry for spoilers Ansem the Wise was sent there when his machine blew up, forcing him out of the Realm In-Between to the edge of the Realm of Darkness and another Realm, either In-Between, Light or Nothingness, maybe all of them.

We don't know if it borders between two Realms or all the Realms, but we think it could be all the realms.

So, Aqua was sent there after she again plunged herself into the Realm of Darkness, losing her armour and Keyblade, and was wandering the path beyond Kingdom Hearts. She eventually travelled far enough and found herself at the edge of the Realm, and was greeted by Ansem the Wise. Still have questions? Contact us and we'll answer them. Since you never play in this world, there aren't any other categories needed here.

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Dark Meridian. Ansem Reports. Moogle Shop.