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La escuela del vicio. Una condena burguesa de la literatura. Hacer el tonto con el tonto. El censor censurado. El duelo de los hijos.

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Versatilidad de Virgilio. Racine hijo y padre. Una crisis de adolescencia prolongada. Un queso de olor pronunciado. Todo lector es inmaduro. Un concurso de antiliteratura. Rousseau, incendiario de bibliotecas. El ablandamiento literario. Premisas del arte por el arte. Mardi gras en Florencia. La hoguera de las vanidades. Orfeo, el primer sodomita. Las verdades que no hay que decir. Un ciudadano es siempre menor.

Las intrigas virtuosas no tienen ninguna virtud.

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De la utilidad de las malas pasiones. Cuarto juicio. La cajera y La Princesa de eleves. Contra la lectura obligatoria de las obras maestras. Cuando un presidente se mortifica por una princesa. Un enigma de la historia literaria. Cuestiones de cultura general. De minimis non curat praetor. Cinco desdichados proustianos alrededor de una mesa.

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La antiliteratura se burla de la antiliteratura. El nacimiento de los cultural studies. The Hatred of Literature. For the last 2, years literature has been attacked, booed, and condemned, often for the wrong reasons and occasionally for very good ones. From Plato to C. That is its genesis. From Plato the poets learned for the first time that they served not truth but merely the Muses. It is no mere coincidence that the love of wisdom philosophia coincided with the hatred of poetry. Literature was born of scandal, and scandal has defined it ever since.

This typology allows him to move in an associative way through the centuries. In describing the misplaced ambitions, corruptible powers, and abysmal failures of literature, anti-literary discourses make explicit what a given society came to expect from literature. In this way, anti-literature paradoxically asserts the validity of what it wishes to deny. Oysters, Worms and Thomas Henry Huxley.

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The Visual Rhetoric of T. Between and William Ewart Gladstone and Thomas Henry Huxley debated the relative value of evolutionary science and scriptural knowledge in the pages of James Knowles' review, The Nineteenth Century. Their dispute took its Their dispute took its departure from the account of Creation in the Old Testament as well as the story of Jesus' miracle of the Gadarene swine from the New.

This querelle has been seen as a case of Huxley running rings round the Liberal statesman, gleefully holding up Gladstone's ignorance to a baying crowd of allied scientific naturalists, while simultaneously attacking Gladstone for his support of Irish Home Rule. A closer look at this episode reveals a very different picture. Gladstone's interest in the most powerful idea of his age went back to the s.

Indeed, his first encounter with 'development' came several years before the publication of Darwin's Origin, in the context of John Henry Newman's early s sermons and writings on the development of doctrine. Long before Gladstone tangled with 'Darwin's bulldog' he built a surprisingly evolutionary worldview that drew on the probabilism of Joseph Butler, Vestiges of Creation, and other scientific texts. Gladstone's understanding of 'primitive revelation' and in particular his understanding of the relationship between scriptural and scientific authorities was far more sophisticated than the scientism of Huxley.

As an attempt to reach an accommodation with theories of transmutation within a framework of natural theology his position was highly effective, and shared by several other High Victorian intellectuals in the s and s. The debate between the Bishop of Oxford, Samuel Wilberforce, and the scientific naturalist, Thomas Huxley, at the meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science has come to represent an iconic moment in the history The debate between the Bishop of Oxford, Samuel Wilberforce, and the scientific naturalist, Thomas Huxley, at the meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science has come to represent an iconic moment in the history of the relationship between science and religion.

This article uses the digitalized databases of nineteenth-century British periodicals to re-examine the reception of the Huxley—Wilberforce debate. Rather, this study shows that there is still much to be learned from looking at the ways in which the press influenced nineteenth-century understandings of iconic moments in the history of science, even in cases that have been well examined, such as the Huxley—Wilberforce debate.

The Two Cultures and Renaissance Humanism. Snow's 'two cultures' distinction between scientific and humanistic thought is perennial.

It may be said to correspond to empirical and metaphorical bents in human nature. Since antiquity, attempts have been made by some to bridge Since antiquity, attempts have been made by some to bridge the gap. The natural bridge of scientific in the broad sense scholarship has been largely overlooked, but the development in the West of philological and historical methods by fifteenth and early sixteenth century humanists in the technical sense exhibits numerous criteria and examples of a scientific approach to the world around us, as does such scholarship today.

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This paper treats the famous debate in between Bishop Samuel Wilberforce and Thomas Henry Huxley, a debate that is typically cited as an example of the tensions between science and religion. Here I show that the more foundational Here I show that the more foundational differences concerned two different philosophies of scientific knowledge. Wells was one of the first literary authors to depict human beings from an explicitly Darwinian perspective.

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The enduring appeal of his fiction testifies to his artistic intuition and imaginative understanding of evolution. However, Wells drew a sharp line between nature and culture, trusting culture to work against nature toward his ideal social state. From a modern evolutionary perspective, that split gave him an inadequate view of two important parts of human nature: imaginative culture and dispositions toward cooperative group behavior. In this article, I put Wells back on the Darwinian ground from which literary scholars have detached him.

Spiritiuality in chains: of human bondage and mutual aid.