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Retrieved What Makes Love Last. Arnett, J. Emerging adulthood: A theory of development from the late teens through the twenties. American Psychologist, 55, 5, Festinger, L. A theory of cognitive dissonance. Freyd, J. Betrayal-trauma: Traumatic amnesia as an adaptive response to childhood abuse.

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Betrayal trauma: The logic of forgetting childhood abuse. Blind to Betrayal: Why we fool ourselves we aren't being fooled. Somerset, NJ: Wiley. Hensley, A.

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Why good people go bad: A psychoanalytic and behavioral assessment of the Abu Ghraib Detention Facility staff. Retrieved October 10, Gender, personality, and coping: Unraveling gender in military post-deployment wellbeing preliminary results. Dougherty Ed. Gender, personality and coping: Unraveling gender in military post-deployment physical and mental wellness. Hersey, B. The Betrayal of Date Rape. Jackson, R. National Humanities Institute. XIII 2 : 72— Johnson-Laird, P. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press. Maslow, A. Motivation and personality. New York: Harper. McNulty, F. The burning bed.

New York: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Musen, K. Quiet rage: The Stanford prison study. Stanford, CA: Psychology Dept. What Krugman left out, however, is the most likely explanation: d Trump is president of the United States.


Nothing in this world is certain except death, taxes, and America betraying the Kurds. The U. The reasons for this are straightforward. The Kurds are an ethnic group of about 40 million people centered at the intersection of Turkey, Syria, Iran, and Iraq. Many naturally want their own state. The four countries in which they live naturally do not want that to happen. On the one hand, the Kurds are a perfect tool for U. If that happened, the other Kurds — i.

At this point, all of the Kurdish homeland was ruled by the sprawling Ottoman Empire, centered in present day-Turkey. This, the Kurds understandably believed, was their moment. But the Turks fought back, making enough trouble that the U. The Treaty of Lausanne allowed the British and French to carve off present-day Iraq and Syria, respectively, for themselves. But it made no provision for the Kurds.

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At this point, the main Kurdish betrayals were handled by the British, who crushed the short-lived Kingdom of Kurdistan in Iraq during the early s. Anakin Skywalker betrays Emperor Palpatine to save his son.

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Karai betrays Tiger Claw to save the turtles. Rapunzel and Flynn betrayed by Cassanda, who take away Moonstone from her and declares that she is fulfilling her own destiny. Discord betrayed by Tirek after he helped him to grow strong by stealing magic of Ponies and then he was also get devoid of magic by malevolent centaur. The Mane 6 and Spike feel betrayed by Capper who they think he was going to going to sell them. Tempest Shadow betrayed by the Storm King who lied about restoring her horn and was only using her.

Mike and Sulley are betrayed by Mr. Waternoose, who banishes them to the human world, after the latter reveals he is also in on Randall's plot.


Iago feels betrayed by Jafar for now stay with Aladdin and his friends forever. Kael'thas betrayed by Garithos after he find out, that Naga helped Blood Elves. Sentinel Prime betrays the Autobots, revealing that he made a deal with Megatron to revitalize their home planet of Cybertron, and strikes Ironhide with Cosmic Rust. Dixie, Sylvie and the other dogs of Nome betraying Steele upon discovering his true nature when Balto and his team return with the medicine.

Robocop being betrayed by Lt. Hedgecock to follow Dick Jones' orders to destroy him.

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  7. Percy being betrayed by Diesel 10 who invades the SteamWorks. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch being betrayed by Ultron, who intends to destroy the world instead of just the Avengers. Miguel is also betrayed by Ernesto, when the latter hands Miguel to his security guards. The Wild Kratts being betrayed by the villains. Cyberwarp betrays Galvatronus to allow Ultra Bee to save all of Cybertron. Herbert the Warthog is betrayed by Victor the Crocodile, into making a humongous watermelon to destroy the waterhole.

    Surly being betrayed by Raccoon who reveals that he intends to sabotage the nut heist from succeeding in order to maintain his position. Kim Possible was betrayed by her former boyfriend Eric who reveals that he was working with Dr.