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Ran is a Senior rank guardian angel and one of the first three angels to appeared in the series. She has the most screen time of any girl in the anime and her image was used to advertise the show more than any of the other angels. Due to this, Ran has aquaphobia : a fear of water.

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Ran's name means orchid and her hairstyle represents a fish's fins. Her color image is pink. She was a parakeet in her past life, her hairstyle represents a parakeet's wings and her name means wing. As a result, Tsubasa suffers from acrophobia : a fear of heights. Her color image is red.

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Kurumi is one of the first three angels that appeared in the series and is of Intermediate rank. She is named after and looks identical to Goro's childhood crush. In her past life she was a hamster that escaped from her cage and got lost, unable to find her way home and she eventually died of starvation. She now has borborygmuphobia : a fear of hunger, and is always snacking. Her hairstyle, bao and mouth shape represent a hamster's ears and mouth. Her name means walnut and her color image is yellow. She tends to end her sentences with "Nano". Yuki is a Senior rank guardian angel and the eldest of Goro's guardian angels.

She acts, and is seen, as a mother to the younger angels and Mika insultingly refers to her as "mother. She usually remains quiet but will give useful advice when asked. Yuki was a white snake in her past life. Her name means snow, alluding to the color of her skin and scales as a snake. Yuki's color image is blue. In her past life Yuki burned to death, and she suffers from pyrophobia : the fear of fire.

She is the bride of Gou the Azure Dragon Seiryu. In season 2, Yuki becomes a goddess in place of the previous goddess, who broke the rules. Mika is a Senior rank guardian angel. She was a rabbit in her past life and her hairstyle represents a rabbit's ears. She is extroverted and hyperactive and her over-the-top antics usually result in her being yelled at by Ayumi and Akane rabbits have a history of rivalry with turtles and foxes.

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When she was a rabbit, she died of loneliness. Her attention seeking may be due to autophobia : a fear of loneliness. Her name means new moon, alluding to myth of the rabbit of the moon. Her color image is orange. Ayumi is a Senior rank guardian angel. She was a turtle in her past life and is slow to make decisions because she is always thinking ahead. Ayumi always wears a green beret -like hat that symbolizes her turtle shell in her past life. Ayumi often scolds Mika and argues with her most of the time.

Her name means walk and her color image is black. As a turtle, Ayumi was crushed to death, so she is now claustrophobic afraid of tight spaces and achluophobic afraid of the dark. Ayumi is the bride of Shin, the Black Turtle Genbu. Out of the four guardian angels who were abducted by the four Saint Beasts, she reciprocates her abductor's feelings the most.

Akane is an Intermediate rank guardian angel. She was a fox in her past life and her pony tail and hair ribbon-ties represent a fox's tail and ears. Akane is introverted and misunderstood girl: she appears to be cold but is actually very friendly and warms to Midori more than the other angels. She is mature for her age but is very afraid of dogs, even Nana. This is because in her past life she was a fox who died after dogs attacked her and her family and she was shot by a hunter. She is, therefore, afraid of dogs cynophobia , loud noises ligryophobia and bright lights selaphobia.

Her color image is purple and her name means red dye. Midori is an Intermediate rank guardian angel who is often seen with Akane working in an udon restaurant, which is a reference to Japanese mythology. In her past life as a raccoon dog , and her hairstyle represents a raccoon's mask and tail.